Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sandtray Stories - Otter and Wolf - Part 3

Part 3

One day a squirrel came to the water.  He asked why Otter was crying.  When Otter told him, Squirrel was sad, too. 

Then Squirrel told Otter how he was sad when his brother died.  He showed Otter a special box that he made to keep his brother's favorite acorns in, so he'd always be close.  Squirrel and Otter thought about Wolf and what might help Otter remember him. 

They made a dream catcher to keep all the positive memories from floating away and hung it in a tree.  It helped Otter feel better.  Whenever he felt sad, he would look up and see the dream catcher and remember the fun he had with Wolf.  Sometimes he talked to Squirrel, too.  They became friends and Otter began to play again. 

Although Wolf was gone and things would never be the same, Otter learned that Wolf would always be in his heart.

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